Pet Smells & Odor Removal

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Pet accidents, stains and food debris can cause nasty odors when left untreated in your carpets, furniture or upholstery.  Left alone and uncleaned, they can greatly cause harm to your carpet or fabrics.   Getting our team of professionals to clean your pet stains and remove odors is much cheaper than having to replace your expensive flooring or furniture.

Causes of Stains and Odor in your Carpet or Furniture

  • Pet Urine – Yellow or brown stains leaving a strong and pungent smell embedded in your carpet or furniture.
  • Bacteria, Molds, and Mildew – Has a rotten smell and indicates there is growth of pathogens which is harmful to your health.  
  • Pet Allergies – If your dog or cat has eaten something that does not agree with them, they excrete waste on your flooring and/or furniture.
  • Body Oils – Natural body oils produced by humans or animals stick to your carpet and upholstery on your furniture causing stains and unpleasant odors.
  • Smoke from Tobacco, Fire Places, and Fire Damage – Smoking or fire damage will embed unpleasant odors all throughout your carpets and upholstered furniture.  Not to mention that smoke damage will also be found on your walls, ceiling and in hard to access cracks and cervices.
  • Chemicals and Paint – Spills and left uncleaned can cause foul odors and can also be harmful to your health.
  • Garbage – If left in an area for a prolonged period of time, odors can make there way across rooms and into the fabrics of your carpet and furniture.
  • Other causes of stains and odors:  Vomit, blood, feces from rodents, etc.

How do we get rid of Stains and Odors?

     Ozone Machines     

One of the most powerful disinfectants you can use.  Ozone will destroy germs, bacteria, odors and viruses from almost any material in your house.  The machines do this by changing the molecular structure of the odor producing molecules eliminating the odor all together.  The Ozone machine itself will not produce any harmful odors, yet it is able to kill off air born odors.

     Live Enzyme Treatment     

We use special chemicals filled with bio-enzymes.  When you apply these enzymes to the problem area, they destroy the odor-causing bacteria.  In the process the odor is converted into carbon dioxide and water.   If the problem area is a food source that is causing bacteria, such as vomit, urine, food or drink, the digesters in the enzyme will consume that source.

     Thermal Fogging     

When odors are severe and reach in all areas of your home or business, this is where we use thermal fogging to spray a heated deodorizer in fog form.  Certain odors can be removed with thermal fogging, for example, smells from food and drinks, and tobacco and fire smoke in hard to reach places.  It also reduces carcinogenic particles which in turn reduce health risks. These tiny airborne particles are invisible, so you could be impacted without realizing it. This is especially dangerous for babies, young children, the elderly, and anyone who has a compromised immune system.

At OAB we will review your areas of concern and will consult with you as to the best method(s) to get rid of your nasty odors and stains using one or more of our proven methods.  Please contact us at your convenience for a free consultation and estimate.

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